Working with Tina was my first experience of working with a graphic designer and it was an absolute delight. More importantly, I’m just thrilled with my new Author’s Website.

I had some very firm ideas of which colours I wanted to use and a basic idea of how I wanted the site to look. However, I didn’t have any idea how to make it happen, which Tina certainly did.

Tina’s design for my site is exactly what I’m looking for, she’s walked me through the various stages and has answered all of my dumb questions and has double-checked with me at each stage of the process, to ask if I’m happy.

Tina has delivered over and above what I was expecting from her package and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone to create a professional and Gorgeous website. I’m looking forward to working with her again sometime in the future.

Fiona Tate
Countess Drusilla Steele



The experience of having our long awaited website built and designed by Tina was seamless. Our long established small family business has been looking to make the leap into the 21st century for the last 6 months.

Having a website was just what we needed and Tina has transported us into a modern visible and funky online presence. Having the website built was extremely fast and Tina took care to include all the elements we believed would be aligned with our look.

She was also quick to point out what would work for our type of business and what we would need to be found on the internet. Tina diligently supported us with a domain name finding hosting, linking us with google and other search engines. She also went above and beyond to ensure our look matched our existing Facebook page made links to this and even helped us with posts to share with our followers.

We have found working with Tina easy, professional and fast. Her listening skills are top of the line and she zeros in on your business passions and makes it all about you!! We are simply thrilled with our website and after 17 years of business we are proud that Tina has built us our first fantastic website that will take us into the 21st century

Anka Bartulovich



I am so incredibly grateful Tina came into my world… Because of Tina, my website is better than I imagined it! Tina included everything I wanted, and added in things I hadn’t even thought of – and my website is so much better for her contributions.

Beyond setting everything up, Tina has continued to support me in updating the site myself. No question is too stupid (and trust me, some of my questions are stupid!).

I received personalised video tutorials and email support. My hand has been held the whole way, and I am now confident in keeping my website fresh myself – something I never thought I would say!

If you are wanting someone who truly cares about your business, and wants to support you in building your branding and reach, then Tina is perfect for you!

Ashleigh Bialic



It is a privilege to write a testimonial to Tina. I am a Medical doctor working in the US. I came to know Tina through publish academy. I noticed she was extremely helpful in the forum. So, I enlisted her help.

She has created my website creativestressfreeliving.com. Her design and presentation are excellent. She customized the work exactly to my needs. She is extremely flexible in her approach which makes working with her a pleasure. She has tremendous experience in the area of web design, digital publishing and marketing which is a huge asset.

She is very prompt in finishing her projects. To top it all, she is very generous and delivers more than you ask. Currently, she is helping in posting blogs on my website and facebook and the quality of the pictures she posts are outstanding. She has been a catalyst in transforming my ideas to reality. Tina puts her heart and soul into her work. I highly recommend her without hesitation.

Sathyamurthy Viswanath