About Us

What We Do

We design and build Custom, but still affordable, websites and design solutions.

Created for solo-entrepreneurs and small business who need an online presence that represents them. None of that cookie cutter site nonsense.

Our system is very simple. Our time frames are also quick. Simply put we only take on a small number of clients each week and focus only on them.

All our work is done in-house and you can talk directly to us with no outsourcing and our quality is always of the highest standard. We are proud of our work and want you to be also.

Our Story

Online Now Design was created to fill a gap in the market to cater to people who need simple but effective websites and design solutions, but without complicated forms to fill out or information to find. We know business owners are busy and we cater to this by making the system to get your design needs fulfilled as easy as possible.


Online Now Design combines the skill and talents of the Mother and Daughter Duo, Tina and Cassie Fletcher and their team.


About Tina

With over 20+ years experience as a web developer and 30+ years as a graphic designer, we aim to use that experience to give you high-quality reasonably priced websites that work for your business.

Previously, our co-founder Tina was running a successful web design business from home while looking after her family. She closed it down when she felt the industry was devalued and full of 'flight by night' low-quality designers. Now with the new focus and the added bonus of working with her daughter , she has returned to give doing what she loves; Design.


About Cassie

Joining Tina is Cassie whose ballpark is more systems and organisational skills. She is the details person. She is the person who makes everything flow, simply and effectively.

With experience in office management and training, she was a perfect partner to ensure that the services supplied where not only high- quality but simple so business owners could get things happening.